by Wintercoast

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released December 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Wintercoast Vancouver, British Columbia

Sentimental gentlemen from Vancouver, BC.
We'll make you dance, we'll make you smile.

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Track Name: Petrichor
these steps creaking with a thousand sighs
resting when the weight's gone
cherishing a brief repose

steal off to the bedroom
find the conundrum apropos a fresh start

just some of the afternoon
thoughts for the future

strangers living in the same housd
walls echoing
the laughs the fears the hopes the tears

call me when it's all done
we can hear our hurt hearts beating

taught me life lessons
like how to keep walking
see i knew this house well
all the nooks and crannies when we
shattered windows
Track Name: The Andes
he was a kind man, stuck to the treats
gave them to children and they loved him
knew them all by name

they called him father
sisters and brothers
they all came in droves

many years have passed since then
i hear he's ashes in the wind
we all know which house was his
a sign that boldly reads condemned

in the paper i once read
all about his mother's head
how she'd lie awake in bed
and wouldn't give a damn

we called him our own
wolves in our houses, beast in our homes
we didn't know him but we called him our own
Track Name: Oceanographer
we thought we were
something more than just
dots on the shore

so we wept and we swept up
the tears we shed

i wanted to be an oceanographer
and spend my time at sea
and though i'm big and blue i've come to be
land locked on foreign shores

i'll be your brother, man
when things so hard it hurts
we'll take a listen but you're a grower i can tell

i'll be your winter's warmth when it feels
so hard you scream
we'll take a listen but you're no dying man i know
Track Name: Lovers
i was born a gentleman
youth shed by wrinkled skin
turned full a vicious man
growing cold in the heart

and all my lovers left me on this sinking ship
knowing i can't swim

putting on a crooked smile
and straying off to
a canadian classic burning up before your eyes

don't leave me lover
just wait a minute longer

to the pardoners who sell prayers i say let me be
i've done too much to afford your fees

and to the women in red dresses
singin' empty rooms
with your wine and ashtrays
countin' down the numbered days

don't leave me lover
just wait a minute longer