Trees, Homes & Better Places

by Wintercoast

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People come and go, though it’s better when they stay. For those that leave, we hope they find their own trees, homes, and better places. We’ve found ours.


Some people think the "Buy Now" button means you HAVE to pay money for our songs, which isn't the case at all! We've set it to "pay what you want" so you have the option of giving us a couple of dollars if you really like us, but you're more than welcome to set the price to $0 and get it for free! We just want people to listen to our music, and we understand if you can't or don't want to pay for it! :)


released July 25, 2011

Wintercoast is Andrei Dumitrescu, Sylvie Bridgman, Samuel Chow, Alberto Cristoffanini & Jonathan Heggen.

Recorded at The Hive Creative Labs in Burnaby, BC.
Mixed, Mastered & Engineered by Jesse Gander.

Art Direction & Design by Raihan Sangherra
Photography by Andrei Dumitrescu & Raihan Sangherra



all rights reserved


Wintercoast Vancouver, British Columbia

Sentimental gentlemen from Vancouver, BC.
We'll make you dance, we'll make you smile.

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Track Name: Yukon
this town’s no place for us to live in
the people here are all the same
your mother’s dress is torn from
all the little things
that tear us apart at the seams

i need a light
my dying cigarette is burning out
tired eyes are shut
and i can see without a doubt that
we can’t take it anymore
we can’t take it anymore

those dreams we had about the city
have all been covered up by snow
the sun’s gone down
and the winter creeps right in
the cold keeps us together

by candlelight we’ll write our letters
and see how far the other’s gone
times will change like the seasons
and winter’s snow will melt at last

i found my light
my dying cigarette is on the ground
with eyes wide open
we escaped that desperate no-name town
we couldn’t take it anymore
no we don’t talk much anymore
Track Name: As Time Flies By
February air chills to the bone
i can’t wait to see you at home
i haven’t seen you since last May
and it’s so cold today
frosted windows fade away
i can see a brand new day
bring me back to you
just like June
i miss you, I miss you
come back home
i feel alone as time flies by
touch down on the tarmac,
get my bags
i didn’t see you there
there was empty air
took a cab
rode alone
front seat empty
back seat full
the “for sale” marked the spotted lawn
nine months a widow - far too long.
fumble with the keys to the door,
you still live here, but I can’t anymore
empty walls are covered
pictures of broken lovers
i can see myself next to the ghost
of the one I used to love
and I miss you, I miss you
come back home
I feel alone
as time flies by
Track Name: Home
evening sun fades too fast
the city streets are far too cold
and i know this thing won’t last
but you’ll still haunt me when i’m older

now i’m lying on the floor
the silence takes me by surprise
i’m not hungry anymore
i’ve been fed too many lies

i’ve been home for so long
i’ve been writing the same damn song
i’ve been writing you a song

was the water always deep
or am i half the man i was
sometimes i wish that i could keep
smiling like i used to
Track Name: Brittle Bones
these brittle bones have not aged well
and i feel the sickness creeping in
fingers shaking far too much
to lock the door to my empty house

this part of town
yeah it gets cold
in the winter alone
and i wonder if we can’t
warm it up

i’ve been walking tired streets
with cigarettes and blistered feet
my days have slowly turned to nights
sleepless hours lit by candlelight

this part of town
yeah it gets cold
in the winter alone
and i wonder if we can’t
warm it up

i’ve been waiting here at home
so many seasons alone
and i think that it’s finally
warm enough.